By the time I have finished this artists statement, I would of heard a neighbourhood argument, received an email by the Penrith UFO club, paused to pat the alpaca, noticed a lithgow panther passing by the window, and by all accounts the original eloquent description of influences that identify the historical, theoretical, and social relevance of my visual practice, without overgeneralising, has verged on professional naivety. I'm going to feed the Yowie.

Co Producers Daniel Kojta and Lizzy Marshall present the arts review radio program on Radio Blue 89.1fm. Listen in to hear the latest on the rapidly rising contemporary arts scene in the Blue Mountains. Tuesday Nights 8 - 10pm.

Winning the Scenic World 20k Acquisitive Sculpture Prize has been the highight of the year for my practice and there are many people to thank, Exhibitions Manager and Curator Lizzy Marshall, Judges Louise Olsen, Allan Giddies, Alan Krell, and the installers and staff of Scenic World. I also must thank Ox Design for their incredible skill and assistance.

'The winner of this years $20,000 acquisitive prize was local Blue Mountains artist Daniel Kojta with his work Reflect Phi [a moment]. Kojta is no stranger to using the natural environment as a stylistic milieu for his practice, and it shows in this restrained and understated little gem. The work explores reflective geometry associated with plant ontogenesis and while sophisticated thematically, I feel that the true success of this work lies in unifying the principles of modernist sculpture with sensitivity to the picturesque backdrop of the rainforest.'
Gizelle Stanborough, Das Super Paper

Shadow Suit [capture by light]
Hunting Expedition with Wade Marynowsky
Daniel Kojta & Wade Marynowsky 2011

Capturing the Evasive

Media artist Daniel Kojta works with natural elements of the environment. Large granite boulders, mist floating through a bus stop, or the side of a moving truck, all play host to the projection of minimalist light forms presented on spontaneous screens that avoid restrictive ratios of 4 x 3, etc. The projections illuminate and enhance a non linear narrative with the background on which the light forms lay. The works are further enhanced by the spontaneous nature of the natural environment and our inability to control any aspects of the subjects approached
These sites are enhanced by audio compositions from local found sounds. Daniel engages with his subjects from a distance, documenting the spontaneous consequences of unaware actions and reactions.

Star Camouflage Unit II [capturing spontaneous response]
Sydney City
Spot Lights, Dark suit, Ladder.
Performance documentation
Daniel Kojta 2011

Kojta studied at the University of Western Sydney NSW and has a comprehensive CV of exhibitions, residencies, and curatorial projects. Kojta has collaborated with some of Australia's key arts practitioners, and continues to teach within the Arts throughout Australia.

Daniel Kojta is currently establishing a contemporary arts residency in the Blue Mountains Australia with a focus on contemporary arts practices, and a comprehensive lecture series on the residency property led by Australia's leading arts theory professionals, supported by their international cohorts. This is scheduled to open in 2014.

In January 2013, with curator Lizzy Marshall, Daniel Kojta initiated an Arts Review Radio Show on Radio Blue Mountains Fm 89.1. This program reviews exhibitions and creative happenings in the Blue Mountains and beyond, with weekly guests interviewed by Daniel, live in the studio. To date a comprehensive list of artists and arts practitioners have been interviewed including noted Australian Artists Sean Corderio, Billy Gruner, Susan Victor and Roger Foley.

Awaiting capture from camouflaged unit I
Eight hour surveillance
Bait: Chromium Red
Daniel Kojta 2010
Bundanon Residency No. 2